With Inside you can built your report in minutes, it's simple

Your report in record time :

Your dashboard is built before your eyes...

…refresh and calculation takes only a few seconds

With just a few clicks, you choose your criteria and the data you would like to analyse

With Inside you continue to work in Excel® and the update to your tables is automatic

With Inside XL, you get the best Excel®, tailored by Inside

Immediately operational

You can use your Excel® spreadsheet for its primary purpose, (reports, charts, data grids,…), without the need to re-input your data. Once your customized request is created, all reports are automatically updated, with each cell being linked to your database. You can create great looking reports and customize them by choosing various designs and criteria.


Whether tables are recurring or on an ad hoc analysis, Inside XL fits all your needs. The analysis, carried out instantly, can then be refreshed, justified and presented in different views and criteria.

Wide area

Inside versatility allows you to involve all departments of the company. The different roles in the company can have their own analysis & dashboards, such as Finance, Production, Marketing, Human Resources…