Inside can access your data regardless of your software

Simplicity and accessibility above all :

You can query your data in real time without the need for replication

You can replicate your data wherever it resides

You do not have to re-enter your configuration, with Inside it is automatically available

Standard connectors, even to the large publishers in the marketplace, for fast retrieval of data

With Inside Studio, you define how to query your data

Real time or in batch mode?

It is up to you. According to your needs and information’s sources, you choose how to query them. You choose, Inside makes it happen.

A successful ETL

You can collect and merge data from various ERP systems. Whatever the source (payroll, accounting, sales, production, finance or Excel® tables) your data is sorted in the most relevant way before being stored into a global reference repository. This data warehouse stores and secures all your information in a single database.