Use Inside to make Excel® a real reporting solution

Inside was designed for the user: each stage actually meets their expectations and concerns :

Collect : Easy & simplified access to your data

Report : Customized Dashboard building quickly and without special skills

Security : storing all your secure document management

Share : one click, as you want, in the Inside intranet

A simple software to use but powerful in terms of safety, performance and speed.

With Inside you can continue working in Excel® whilst reporting, leveraging its capabilities. Working in an environment you already know.

Inside accesses your data whatever your software management = No re-keying. The collection and update is automatic and instantaneous.

Your dashboards are created easily and adapted according to your desires and needs. You specify your reporting analysis ... Your report is ready.

No development is necessary to install and use Inside.

Inside uses In Memory technology. Your reporting is established from your chosen criteria. Updates only take a moment.

Inside simplifies the construction of your reporting. The tool is quickly mastered and reports are created and deisgned by yourself.

Your reporting can be made available anywhere on demand, safely and securely, with or without Excel® . No special technical skills are required.

Send your budgets from Excel® into a secure database.

Forget the stress of the dashboard, save time and take pleasure in your reporting